About Our Desert Cities Day Spa

Tanya Lewis - Owner

Tanya Lewis started her work in aesthetics and cosmetology in Colorado for her basic cosmetology education and earned her license in Redondo Beach, California. After 17 years working in Kodiak, Alaska, Tanya moved to Seattle where she owned and operated, medical Spa Vita Bella for 14 years. Tanya eventually sold the Seattle location and moved back to California. She loves the intimate atmosphere of the desert cities and wanted to create a spa that truly captured the lifestyle and essence of Palm Springs. 

Specializing in aesthetics and permanent makeup, Tanya offers her clients a unique and refreshing experience with every visit. What sets her apart, however, is her medical  background  and  artistic  ability; she thinks outside the box to provide her clients the look they want to achieve with an artistic flair. The artistic vision that drives her aesthetic starts in the design phase. Cosmetology is about knowing how to explore someone’s unique and natural beauty, and Tanya’s gift is seeing that organically. It is her artistic vision and design abilities that make her stand apart in the industry and excel in her spa.  

Her top priority is client satisfaction and comfort, and she strives to pamper all five senses during any type of service. Her professional background spans education in Germany and Hungarian training, which have been tremendous influences on her work with client facial treatments. She also has experience with sugar waxing and lash extensions to inspire confidence and help clients accentuate their natural beauty. 

Tanya has more than 30 years of experience helping clients and enhancing their spa services with stellar customer service every step of the way. She also helps clients understand the benefits of permanent makeup and the convenience and value it offers. In her free time, Tanya loves spending time working out, horseback riding, and hiking.